Mindful Activities for Children

We want everyone to make their mental health a priority in life!

Our resource pack of 6 mindful activities for primary school age includes:

• My Positive Week for Kids
• Create a Mood Wheel activity
• Gratitude Jar
• Hand Breathing exercise
• Heart Jigsaw activity
• Mindful colouring


Download here -  Mindful Activities for Primary Age Children




More about The Positive Planner

We want everyone to make their mental health a priority in life!

How are we doing this? By creating beautiful, inspiring and informative planners, journals, stationery and workshops that are designed to support mental health and wellbeing, promote daily positivity, encourage self-care and practice gratitude.

We launched our first bright yellow Positive Planner back in 2017 through crowdfunding. Since then our Positive Family has grown from strength to strength and we now have a total of 4 books: The Positive Planner, The Positive Bullet Diary, The Positive Wellness Journal and our new baby, The Positive Doodle Diary that’s especially for children. We’re amazed and beyond happy to know that we’ve sold over 40,000 books in our 3 years in business!

Mental health is something that touches each and every one of us in some way and it’s because of this that The Positive Planner isn’t only about our books. It’s above all about community and has become a symbol of solidarity and acceptance for what is still often viewed as a taboo subject.

We want everyone to feel the benefits of being part of the Positive Planner Community and to know that we’re not all alone in this thing called life.

See the range here: https://www.sweetpea.ae/collections/positive-planner