5-in-1 Toy Box

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The large 5 in 1 activity play box offers a range of sensory experiences for younger children.

There are 6 activities including;

  • traffic theme bead toys
  • shape sorter
  • spinning gear game
  • abacus
  • slider games

With four different bead mazes that have two sides (fruits and characters) which can be played on two sides of the box. The top bead maze can be used separately and easy to store when inverted.

A highly stimulating learning centre that helps improve and cultivate kids' hand-eye coordination, logical thinking and imagination.

  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30cm
  • Age: 18 Months+

VIGA - eco-friendly, montessori & open-ended play.

The paints and inks on VIGA toys are non-toxic, safety for children. All the toys comply with European Safety Toys EN71 & ASTM Standards.