Greenbean Recycled Plastic 4-Wheel Ride-On

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Cool ATV in assorted dessert colours with black wheels and handles!

The Dantoy ATV comes with four wide tires, to ensure it is stable. At the front there is a handlebar with turning function, and on the handle bar there are decorative cheat handbrakes.

The recycling process generates wonderful colour nuances and random colour combinations, which means that no two sets are the same. 

Green Bean products are toys produced in limited quantities since they are made from the waste we have in stock, making this line of toys even more unique. 

Can carry up to 50 kg and comes in unique colours. Can be used from age 2 and is dishwasher safe.

  • Made from 100% recycled Nordic Swan Ecolabelled materials
  • Strong and durable 100% recycled material designed for long lasting play.
  • Made in Denmark by the brand that is designers and manufacturers of high-quality toys in Denmark for more than 5 decades.
  • No toxins
Make a sustainable choice for your child's toy selection with the eco-friendly Danish brand Dantoy.
  • Age Recommendation: 2 Years+
  • Dimension: 63 x 30 x 40cm

Dantoy has been pioneering children's toys for more than 55 years. The Danish brand's philosophy? Play is essential for developing a sense of imagination, social skills and sharing. Dantoy proposes a large selection of toys ranging a number of realms; from indoor activities and outdoor fun, on the beach or in the snow, toys for playing alone or with many - the choice is limitless.

An added bonus: Dantoy makes our kids happy, while doing its part for the planet. All Dantoy toys are made in Denmark and contain the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, meaning they are made from plastics that don't contain phthalates, perfume, BPA or endocrine-disruptive substances.

The best play experts are children, and with Dantoy's comprehensive range your little ones are bound to find something to practice with!

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