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Poppik My First Stickers pack is designed as an activity for younger children to do with their family - an activity to share.  There are beautiful themes in this range, the Forest, River, City & Nature.

My First Stickers - Ocean designed this game to familiarize children with geometric shapes. Kid has hidden amusing little details in their images, to make the child want to observe each image attentively.

Includes 9 individual cards filled with a scene that needs to be completed by placing the right colored sticker on the empty space on the scene.  The stickers are easy to peel off for smaller fingers. C
reative hobby that promotes calm and concentration. 

  • Age: 2 Years+
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18cm

Poppik is a French brand that invents activities to develop children's passions. Our flagship product? Large posters to complete with stickers, for all ages.

Poppik is a poster or cards to be made with tens, hundreds or thousands of stickers to stick on a decor. By following the instructions, we stick various stickers on the locations so as to gradually reconstitute a giant and colorful image. The process is very simple, the result stunning!