My First Stickers - Forest

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The Poppik My First Stickers pack is designed as an activity for younger children to do with their family - an activity to share.  There are four beautiful themes in this range, the Forest, River, City & Nature.

Each one has 6 individual cards filled with a scene that needs to be completed by placing the right colored sticker on the empty space on the scene.  The stickers are easy to peel off for smaller fingers.  

  • Fawn, ladybugs, squirrels, sparrows, hedgehogs and butterflies: a whole world to discover!
  • On the 6 cards, stick the stickers on the dotted locations following the colors.
  • Little by little, the images get colorful!
  • A great activity for on the go.


Poppik is a creative hobby that promotes calm and concentration.  It is aimed for children 2+ years.