tiny BIO Dinner Gift Set - Cream

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A sustainable Danish-produced tableware made of recyclable bioplastic.

The set consists of 7 parts in natural colours that can be used right from the start, when food is introduced to the little ones.

The plate's 3 compartments make it possible to sort the food and give the child a well-arranged meal.  The set's plate allows you to divide the food into type, color or size.  

If the 2 smallest spaces of the plate are not used for food, the bowl and cup can instead be placed in these spaces and used as a tray to carry food and drink together.

  • Recommended age group for this product is 0+ months
  • Bio-based material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Food approved
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Dishwasher washable up to 70 °C
  • Microwave safe up to 70 °C

With Danish dantoy's sustainable quality dinnerware, Dinnertime, the child can explore food.   Combine different sets and colors from the Dinnertime series and achieve a lovely selection for the home.