Tourist World Map Wall Sticker - Large
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Tourist World Map Wall Sticker - Large

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Maps are not only a unique decoration, but also a sensational way of learning through play. Children learn about the continents, oceans and directions of the world, as well as the monuments and attractions of a given region or state.

Thanks to the special additional stickers, they can also mark places where they have already visited or which they would like to go to in the future.

Tourist World Map Wall Sticker maps are products of the highest quality, made with the utmost care and attention to details, maintained in subdued Scandinavian colors that perfectly blend into the child’s space.

Each element of the map is carefully cut out of the contour and glued separately, what makes the application easier, especially in the case of large spaces.

The size of the sticker is measured after its application to the wall, while the continents are at the appropriate distance from each other.

Educational elements are also carefully cut out, thanks to which children do not have to use scissors and can very easily place the sticker into a given place on the map.

The sticker is secured with a special matte laminate that protects it from scratches during everyday use and also makes sticking easier – the film is thicker and easier to transfer onto the wall.

 Dimensions: 180x120 cm
• Material: highest quality PVC foil
 Protection: resistant to scratches matt laminate
• Durable: foil resistant to humidity and UV radiation
• Cut: out of the contour - they do not have a background
• Package: zero waste, sent in bio tubes


This set includes: continents, islands and additional (educational) elements. The set is available in 3 sizes: M (130x85 cm) and L (180x120 cm).

The sticker may have different adhesion strength depending on the paint on the wall. We don't encourage to apply our stickers onto the walls painted with latex, slick or wax paints. We encourage you to read the instructions before applying - here.

Remember that the actual colour of the stickers may be a little different due to individual computer settings. They look different in daylight and differently with light bulbs or LED lamps.