Kinderfeets Bike - Tiny Tot Bamboo

Kinderfeets Bike - Tiny Tot Bamboo

Kinderfeets is the the creator of award-winning quality push-bike models that are eco-friendly and feature a whimsical, patented design. Kinderfeets are the maker of the ever popular Kinderboards.

Kinderfeets is translated from the Dutch word "kinderfiets" which translates to Childs Bike.

My two year loves bikes! He tries to get on the neighbours bikes but he is way to small. I wanted a bike that would fit him but would also grow for when he gets a little older.

I love that kinderfeets grows with you, the bike seat can move up and down which makes it easier for my son when he grows taller. This seat can be adjusted from 9″ to 11.5″, so it is great for children one to two years of age! 

kinderfeets bike bamboo

After my son is done with the “tiny tot” stage, we can easily convert this tricycle into a 2-wheel balance bike. I know my son will love the balance bike as much as he loves the tricycle. 

The Kinderfeets bikes come in many different colors, I choose to go with bamboo since I love the wood look! The bamboo is great for boys or girls since it is a neutral wood like color! I was super impressed with how strong, durable, and well made this bike was. You can honestly see that this bike is made with such high quality and highly durable material. 

kinderfeets bike

Why Bamboo? 

There are many benefits to using bamboo that we took into account. Bamboo is stronger than steel and heartier than most hardwood, making it a versatile and valuable building material. That means a high-quality, high-durability bicycle.

Bamboo is also eco-friendly in many ways. It produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees. While hard wood takes 30-50 years to mature, bamboo takes between 3-5 years and requires no pesticides or chemicals to encourage the maturation process.

Bamboo is grown in developing countries, so we are proud to support a sustainable way of living for many impoverished populations. Our commitment to Mother Nature is at our forefront, and using bamboo is just one way of giving back.

kinderfeets bike

What is Kinderfeets?

Derived from the Dutch for “children” and “bicycle,” a Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike designed to ease the transition to pedal-powered bicycle at a toddler’s comfort level.

More than a toy, Kinderfeets is a father’s gift to his son. Disappointed with the push bikes available, Dutch designer Oscar Mulder decided to create his own balance bike for his son, Sebastiaan.

Oscar wanted Sebastiaan to be able to cruise once he became confident enough, so he broke the push bike mold and added footpegs.  Knowing kids love to get dirty, he added a removable seat cover that can go in the wash with the rest of the laundry.  Other push bikes have inflatable tires that go flat, interrupting the fun. But Kinderfeets’ tires don’t require air.

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