As a retailer that provides products for children, it is important to us to do our bit to minimise the environmental impact of our business and help preserve our lovely planet for the next generation.

We’re continuously working to make improvements and evaluate our current ways of working.




Our Products

Every product we offer is designed to withstand the test of time, is made from high-quality materials, and is designed to offer longevity. From toys that can be handed down as family heirlooms it’s important to us that our products will be in your homes for years to come.

As our passion to help preserve our planet increases, our product range is evolving, too. From wooden alternatives to bio degradable aprons to products designed to nurture a child’s interest in the environment around them – we’re continually thinking of ways of how we can encourage the next generation to care for our wonderful planet.

What goes on in the background to make our products is also important to us. Sustainable sources of wood and high-quality, long-lasting materials are key to our evolving sustainable initiatives. The majority of our product range is made from wood, which is biodegradable, unlike plastic alternatives offered on the market.


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