Screen Free Active Fun for Kids

Screen Free Active Fun for Kids

When you’re a kid there’s nothing better than the long holidays. But keeping kids entertained and away from screens can be challenging. That’s where we come in! Get up and get active with our activity sets, toys and craft kits. Here’s our list of the best active fun sets from Tiger Tribe.

Light and Shine

Light and Shine - Playing with Optics

Light and Shine is a unique set designed to encourage open-ended play, trial-and-error exploration and teach problem-solving. All experiments are intended to help kids apply STEAM principals to the world around them, making maths and science fun and relevant to things they experience everyday. 

Outdoor Activity Set - Back to Nature

Outdoor Activity Set - Back to Nature

Ideal for kids that love to discover, our Outdoor Activity Set - Back to Nature is a gentle, activity-based introduction to mindfulness, designed to get children off the couch, unplugged, and outside exploring nature. This set includes a handy magnifying glass, coloured chalks and a note-taking pencil, as well as an activity book filled to the brim with engaging activities and hands-on projects, designed to encourage observation and interaction with the environment. Junior outdoor explorers can document cloud shapes, create mermaids out of found natural materials, complete kindness exercises, play backyard Olympics, or block bingo, along with a whole lot more!

Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock - Stopwatch Set

Whether you're inside or outside, at home or at the park our Beat the Clock Stopwatch Sets are jam-packed with fun and constructive activities to get tigers interested in exploring time-- and beating it! From keeping balloons in the air, to running around the block, to setting the table, these fun time-based activities will delight and entertain children for hours. Great for solo play or with friends, test your skills and reflexes against time with this innovative activity set.

Waterworks - Pipline

Waterworks - Pipeline

Let your little ones soak up some quality time in the bath with our Waterworks - Pipeline. Pour water through the top of the head of this multi-layered toy for an early childhood lesson in water exploration. Watch as the water flows through the pipes, turn the valves on and off to stop and start the flow, swap the eleven key pieces around and change their direction. Where will the water flow next? Watch the ball rise and fall with the changing water levels. Who knew cause and effect could be so much fun? Ideal for developing problem solving skills, creative thinking, critical analysis, independent thinking, as well as testing and exploring.

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