Staying In?  A Guide to Keeping Things Fun

Staying In? A Guide to Keeping Things Fun

Staying home a lot more than we used to has become the new reality. Which is always going to be challenging with young kids. So here are four tried-and-tested tips for making the most of being indoors.


If you know you're not likely to get out for a whole day - or days - creating a timetable can help keep everyone's spirits up. Between mealtimes and naps, scheduleΒ puzzlesΒ as well as opportunities to getΒ creative, colouring and collaging. Maybe update the craft box with some tempting new additions - like someΒ pencils or pens from brand Tiger TribeΒ a new kit or two from creativity sticker brand Poppik. Or get busy in the kitchen and whip up a few cupcakes - you can use a ready made mix if you want to keep it simple -Β and wear an apron from the design lead range ThreadBear Design.

Popppik Sticker Poster Alphabettttttttttttt

Poppik Sticker Poster Alphabet


If they haven't already, let them build a den to call their own.Β The Little DutchΒ TentΒ  isΒ perfect for this. Think of ways to make use of neglected indoor space - every nook has potential. AΒ Sweet Pea insider tip: lay down yoga or play mats in your unloved hallways and playΒ Cosmic Kids YogaΒ on Youtube. Thirty minutes of stretching, breathing and storytelling with your kids is great for the soul!

Bigjigs Little TentsΒ 

BigjigsΒ Tent


Ever heard the phrase β€˜I have nothing to play with’? Yes, us too. 😬 Kids often have so many toys that they don’t get excited by them anymore. We are true believers in making fewer toys available at one time, then swapping them out for others in due course. One day, bring out the kitchenΒ and play food into a prime position for play. They’ll enjoy rediscovering all those things that have been forgotten about for ages.

Β Play Kitchen & Accessories

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