The Noisy Farmyard Rag Book
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The Noisy Farmyard Rag Book

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Enter the Noisy Farmyard: A Symphony of Sounds

Listen closely to the cheerful chorus of the farmyard with our ThreadBear Design vibrant Noisy Farmyard Rag Book. Packed with colorful illustrations and delightful animal sounds, this retro-inspired book promises an immersive and engaging experience for your little one.

Rag Book Product Highlights:

Immerse Yourself in Farmyard Fun

  • Material: Crafted from 100% cotton, our rag book features screen-printed illustrations that capture the lively spirit of the farmyard. The retro-style pinking sheared edge adds a charming vintage touch to the book's design.
  • Design: With 12 pages illustrating 12 different farm animals and their corresponding sounds, this book invites children to learn and play as they explore the bustling world of the farm.

A Gift of Learning and Laughter

  • Packaging: Presented in a beautifully printed gift box, our rag book makes a delightful and visually appealing present for any occasion.
  • Illustrations: Each page is intricately illustrated both inside and out, enhancing the immersive farmyard experience for young readers.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 16.5 x 1.5 x 16.6cm, the book is perfectly sized for little hands to hold and enjoy.
  • Age Suitability: Suitable for children aged 1 year and older, this book is ideal for fostering early language development and sensory exploration.

Experience the Joy of the Farm

Embark on a journey through the lively farmyard and discover the sights and sounds of farm life with your little one. From the cheerful "Moo" of the cow to the playful "Cluck" of the chicken, each page offers an opportunity for learning and laughter.

Indulge in the excitement of the farmyard and watch as your child's curiosity and imagination come to life within the pages of our Noisy Farmyard Rag Book.