Pikler Little Duo
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Pikler Little Duo

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Nurture physical development with the Kinderfees Pikler system

Through physical developmental play with the Kinderfees Pikler Little Duo system, children gain muscular and cardiovascular strength, build self-esteem, improve gross motor skills and explore their imagination simultaneously.

The Pikler Little Duo bundle includes:

1 - Rocking & Climbing Arch 

2 - Duo Ramp & Slide

Each of our Kinderfeets Pikler accessories is compatible with the others, and secure locks connect the system's pieces safely and effectively while holding them in place. By connecting them together, your toddler has an entire playground to explore!

Pikler Little Duo Product Details:

  • Finished with a water-based varnish for smooth, comfortable play and easy cleaning.
  • Weight limit of 132 lbs (60 kg)
  • Suitable for 1 Year+

Crafted using responsibly-sourced birch plywood and beech wood, it's a wonderful sustainable option for mobile little ones exploring their adventurous side!

1 - Rocking & Climbing Arch

The Pikler Rocking & Climbing Arch serves as both a teeter totter and climbing device for active toddlers.

2 - Duo Ramp & Slide

The 2-sided/reversible Pikler Ramp & Slide serves as an infinite number of structures! Today it could be a slide, tomorrow a climbing device or bridge, and the next day a walkway or imaginary entrance to your castle.

About the Pikler: Developed by a paediatrician who advocated the natural motor competencies of infants through providing conditions for the child to feel secure and therefore content to engage in joyful self-directed movement, activity and play.

The Pikler can enable infants to master skills such as balance and reflex integration through their own efforts, allowing infants time to explore motor functions that may prevent some learning difficulties that are noticed at primary school age.

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